Concept Note

20 years from today Environmental Art started its journey at Sarsuna in Behala. The hard works of a few of its members have finally taken shape. Our unity is our pride. What makes us more independent and truthful is the light of togetherness. Drenched in that light we dream of making art our life. For the last 20 years we have been organising various workshops, seminars & have also taken up various projects to make that dream come true. We believe that art and artists can make the earth a beautiful place. But presently people are making this earth more and more critical by their greed and craze for power, which has given birth to a disaster like “GLOBAL WARMING,” now it is ringing the death bell. In this tragic situation people are spending sleepless nights. From this our conscience insisted on us to spend a month. Day and  night to create this art work called “slowdown”.

It was a totally different experience. From the time the theme was being decided, through many meandering discussions and debates, to the final shape it took in the form of a giant sculpture. “Slow Down” was an artistic expression of how the fear and anxiety of global warming had deeply affected the members of Chander Haat. This joint exhibition of twenty artists in 2009 had stunned art aficionados in Kolkata. Going beyond the mainstream, this exhibition remained an example of a new language of art.

Anjan Das, Tarun Dey, Bhabatosh Sutar, Nirmal Malik, Gopal Dey, Polly Das Basu, Raju Sarkar, Pintu Sikdar, Pradip Das.



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