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Chander Haat is a collective space that encourages inter-disciplinary activities, to generate a broad platform for community based art practice. It is a place that inspires freedom without barriers where expectations and expressions are without limits, and for the artists who mingles and moves freely between the various aspects of different mediums. Chander Haat has become quite popular within a few years, because of the creative engagements of the artist, who are strongly dedicated to their art.

The different cultural activities such as music, dance, and drama played a vital role in the beginning and has become integral to the community based art practice which is nurtured at Chander Haat.

The focus has moved more towards the visual Language and its possibilities, Chander Haat has gradually become a lively and active center for the practice and promotion of the visual language as their primary zone of interest. However, by engaging with the other alternative arts like installation, video art and performance art, the art practice at this center has not constrained itself by the conventional mediums like painting or sculpture, but is very open to the new genres and innovative fields which give complete justification to the phrase contemporary art.

Interestingly, Chander Haat also engages in popular activities such as Durga Puja festivals, making this an aspect of their practice, the artist make idols, which is relevant to the community at large. Thus the space not only serves for the gallery circuit where artists display their works for a specific viewership and niche-market. First priority is given to the common people who are eager to know more about the visual world and its relation to life. Yet, the space maintains both the purposes and considers source sustenance seriously as well. On the other hand the viewers are also benefited and fascinated by the entire creative process and the art lovers enjoy as much as the local viewers who are far from the glitters of the high-end art world. The space maintains both the conventional and contemporary art practice, parallels are a rare phenomenon in Bengal. Every year the place is engaged with different activities and Chander Haat is a vital and resilient platform where the different art practices give a clear vision of the huge range of creative culture to the new generation. It's a place where people come with a dream to become an artist and they reach their goal sharing the strong presence of this beautiful environment.


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  • Artist and Curators are welcome to collaborate with us
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  • Residency News Applications accepted year round .. See Residency Page
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