Archiving voices and expressions

Concept Note

Gurusaday Dutt in the early nineties had initiated the notion of preserving antique folk art in his museum. The traditional art forms which are constantly at the receiving  end of the  effects of capitalism are in danger of being lost forever. With the similar motive of reviving this form of root art, Environmental Art in collaboration with Gurusaday museum  organized a curatorial art project in March, 2014. Headed by curator Probir Gupta whose prime intention was to project the ‘underprivileged folk artists and their participation in the show’. The community outreach program had very well blended the contemporary art forms with the folk art form. A juxtaposition of multifarious exposition revealed ‘Nokshi katha’, ‘dokra’, installations, videography going hand in hand. Contemporary art has evolved from its ‘naïve folk’ art. And this project reflected the creative outburst of folk motifs in modern, conceptualized art forms.

Participating Artist

Gita Karmakar (Dokra), China Pal (Kumortuli), Gurupada Sarkar (wood), Mahamaya Shikdar (Kantha), Kashmiran Tahir (Kantha), Bapi Chitrakar (Patua), Swapna Sen, Tarun Dey, Krishna Murari, Sujit Das, Debanjan Roy, Nirmal Malick, Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen (Norway), Bhabatosh Sutar, Tapas Biswas, Pablo Bartholomew, Pradip Das, Aloke  Shome, Mallika Das Sutar, Atanu Paul, Prasun Ghosh, Snehashish Maity, Vicky Roy, Pintu Sikdar, Chandan Gomes, Anjan Das, Debashish Barui, Raju Sarkar, Nilanjan Nandy, Probir Gupta, Ram Rehman & Safdar Hashmi.


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