WALK ON THE LINE A Multidisciplinary Art Project

Concept Note

CHANDER HAAT, 22-24 May, 2015

WALK ON THE LINE: A Multidisciplinary Art Project which is a part of the annual event, Chander Haat organizes every year. The project emphasizes drawing only as a starting point for the potential concepts expanding from it. From applying the classical rules of conveying through lines on a two-dimensional plane and by translating drawing from object to place, the project seeks to explore the journey from summation of marks on a paper to an alternative method of communication through generating meaning and experience.

The struggle to understand the notion of a ‘concept’ or ‘metaphor’ in an artwork involves the idea that art is not just representational or aesthetic, but seeks to communicate a message, an idea, a critique, or appreciation. Through this project artists explore Drawing as a tool for creative and critical thinking and as a means to introduce technology on a basic low-cost level. It expects the artists to come up with, implementation and explain their own ‘concept’ in the artwork they  produced in the Space and focus on the discussion of the concept, metaphors and symbols to engage drawing in a conceptual way, and also encourage to explore the available technology as a creative tool.

Curated by Manas Acharya


Perticipating Artists and artists collectives

Anjan Das, Bhabotosh Sutar, Bhaskar Hazarika, Debashish Barui, Ishita Chakravarty, Manas Acharya, Mallika Das Sutar, Niramal Malick, Pradip Das, Pintu Sikdar, Prashun Ghosh, PI(performers Independent), Rabin Roy, Raju Sarkar, Sukanta Majunder, Syed Taufik Riaz, Sumantra Mukherjee, Sambaran Das, Sayak Mitra, Tarun Dey, Taxi (suman & amp; Sourav), Unbound Studio( Aditi Kulkarni & amp; Uma Banerjee), Utasav Chaterjee, 4artists Collective.

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